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Digital Wristbands

The total visualization and identification package! Wizid Digital wristbands are made in Australia.

Barcode Wristbands

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Digital Wristband Features

  • High Quality Photo Images - delivering corporate, sponsorship and event messages.
  • Variable Information - names, dates, seating, sequential and non-sequential numbering.
  • RFID - linked information to management software.
  • Accountability - patron tracking and usage patterns.
  • Unique and customised - features to suit your requirements and made to order.
  • Full Range of Colours - distinctive promotional opportunity. Can have Holographics for added security.
  • Durability - waterproof, non stretch, non transferable, highly visible.
  • Security - control your event or function, proven experience in usage as admission, exit and data control.
  • Size options - available in 19mm and 25mm width wristbands.
  • Peel 2 Reveal - are coupons laid over the wristband and when peeled off can reveal your special message. Effectively used in cross promotion, dual venues/outlets and redemption of prizes or incentives. More than one peel off can be used.

The applications for Digital Wristbands are endless. Let your imagination run wild.

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Digital Wristband Design Examples

Digital Wristbands - Custom Design Example

Digital Wristbands - Custom Design Example

Digital Wristbands - Custom Design Example

Digital Wristbands - Custom Design Example

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Digital Wristband Benefits

These wristbands were the first on the market to offer a total visualization package. Photo quality images combined with variable information in the form of names, dates, seating areas, sequential numbering even non sequential numbering.

Our Digital wristbands are the premier wristbands for events requiring high quality photo images combined with variable information. Our Digital wristbands offer some unique features where you can link different aspects of the variable information e.g. name linked to the bar code or variable number.

It can be linked back to your management software providing you with patron tracking, usage patterns and patron entitlement packages. Of course if you simply desire above average graphics to deliver your sponsorship, corporate or event message these Digital wristbands are just the vehicle for you. Because we can customise these wristbands various features may be added or deleted as required.

All our Digital wristbands are made to order so you are not restricted to a narrow range of colours. Our intention is to deliver you a wristband with images in colours as close as possible to your requirements using our flexible printing process. We use a special material combined with laminates and when combined with the graphics, showcase a unique wristband suitable for almost any use.

These Digital wristbands are waterproof, non stretch, non transferable and highly visible. Make your corporate sponsors logo or message really stand out at your next function, we can include event names, groups, days etc all in different colours making it easier for security to control your event. We do have experience with crowd control at a number of events and would be happy to advise on artwork to enable all staff to easily see and identify which group or patron is where they should be.

We've worked at admissions and exits on access control so we do recognise many of the issues faced. Our Digital wristbands are available in two widths, 19mm and 25 mm. The opportunity exists to customise these wristbands even further than with variable information.

If you wish to place sponsor promotions, prizes, contests etc we have our Peel 2 Reveal coupons which can be laid over the top of the wristband and then peeled off by your patron to reveal the message below.

Of course these coupons may be used in other ways and can have almost any message imprinted from a serial number for a cloakroom to a serial number identifying a carer with a child who may be wearing a wristband with an identical number.

The Peel 2 Reveal coupon may be imprinted with a redemption obtainable at another venue or outlet which could prove very valuable for cross promotions. Use your imagination and we will print your message and you simply determine the end use.

Of course it is possible for us to place more than a single peel off coupon on a Digital wristband depending on your requirements. We also have the ability to apply "scratch off" promotions where a layer of material is scratched off to reveal a prize indicated below. If you need something a little bit different such as a hologram or some other feature you require, please contact us as we may be able to assist.

Recently we had an enquiry where a customer needed a bar code & random numbering on their wristbands as well as corresponding numbers for equipment on labels which could be large enough and bright enough to be easily identified at night, a number of colours were required and we were able to meet their needs.

So, if you need wristbands and have other print requirements which must be linked to the wristbands, talk to us and we will try and find a solution for you.

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