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Reusable Wristbands

These are re-usable plastic wristbands & are available in trilaminate or PVC. They are designed for long term use.

Our resuseable wristbands have a metal snap lock & may be imprinted with your message or logo with foil imprints, or with standard colour prints.

Reusable wristbands

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Reusable Wristband Information

The wristbands have a metal snap lock which may be used time & again. If a wristband has a reusable or resnappable closure, it cannot be considered a security wristband & should not be used for security purposes as obviously the wristbands metal fastener may be unsnapped & then the wristband could be transferred from patron to patron.

A wristband which is reusable is better suited to a situation where security & access via the wristband is not an issue. Use & reuse the resnappable wristbands where you may need identification only or as a merchandising item where it can be used to make additional revenue & provide your patron with a long lasting souvenir of your event or you may choose to use these wristbands as a stand alone promotional item.

If you require wristbands for security, use our Plastic Tri-Laminate Wristbands which are all designed for single use & well suited for this purpose.

Our resuseable wristbands may be imprinted with your message/logo with foil imprints offered as well as our standard colour prints. Silicone wristbands are also reusable.

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