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Barcode Wristbands

Barcode Wristbands are custom made with Full Colour Graphics & Variable Data, these wristbands are totally custom made. Wizid Barcode wristbands are made in Australia.

Barcode Wristbands

Barcode Wristbands

Barcoded wristbands offer a non-transferable means of identification and can help automate data entry.

We can supply most of the popular one and two-dimensional symbologies of various size, density and orientation. Most popular types include; Code128 due to its compact nature, others include Int2/5, Code 39, PDF417, and Datamatrix.

Bar codes are available on all Wristbands including Wristband Singles™.

Send us your data in Excel and we can insert your photo, name, text and date to suit your event.

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Barcode Thermal Wristbands

Barcode Thermal Wristbands

Check out our Thermal wristbands which allow you to print and customise your own wristbands on-site!.

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Security Features - Microtext


The proprietary digital printing process offers you a variety of optional security features.

Microtext is minute text that can not be seen by the naked eye but can be added to wristband graphics. If the wristband is reproduced by photocopying, the microtext will not be replicated. Wristbands can be verified as an original simply by viewing with a magnifying glass.

Microtext printing is available on all these Wristband products and some label products.

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Options - Peel 2 Reveal Tabs

peel 2 reveal

A label on your wristband? Yes! Peel 2 Reveal Tabs are strong, flexible labels that can be used for revealing an offer, price, webpage, message or code, right on the face of the wristband.

This versatile and proven method of running promotions and competitions is available on these Wristbands. Sponsors can add their promotions such as "Take this label to the Sun Kiosk to receive 5% off all logo T-shirts", or "Reveal your Special Discount by peeling here."

Peel 2 Reveal options are only limited by your imagination.

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