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Slapband Wristbands

PVC & PVC-Reflective Slapbands with steel plate embedded. A great promotional product. Bulk Discounts, Fast Turn-Around, Delivery Australia wide!


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Slapband Reflective Wristband Colours

Slapband Colours

Slapband Features and Sizes


  • Easy to use
  • Put your logo on it
  • Durable high reflective outer
  • Great tool for marketing
  • Pantone colour matching


  • 23cm X 3cm wide
  • 30cm X 3cm wide ( Most popular size )
  • 34cm X 3cm wide

Slapband Wristbands

A great promotional product reviving one of the fads of the 80's. These wristbands have also been referred to as snap bands or snap bracelets, though in Australia slap bands is an accepted term.

Please note these bracelets are a promotional item and would not be suitable for security. The reason being is that our slap bands are comprised of a flexible metal strip, covered in a bright plastic on top of a black velour which sits against the skin.

The slap band works by straightening the band and by doing so this creates tension in the springy metal strip, when this is slapped against the wearer's wrist, the metal strip curls and the slap band wraps itself around the wrist. There is no adhesive or snap fastener which you can close to prevent transfer to another person.

The slap bracelet is simply peeled off and can be straightened again ready for reapplication. If you intend to use the slap band simply for ID and transfer is not an issue, then slap bands may be the wristband for you.

It is a highly visible form of identification and a great platform for your message/logo, ideal for give-aways and promotions.

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