Kids Medical Alert ID

Big Kids ID Wristbands

Big Kids ID Wristbands are designed to help a lost child remain in contact with their carer. These wristbands are strong, water resistant, and can be written on with a permanent marker.

Kids ID wristbands are tough, water and tear resistant with an adhesive closure.

Big Kids ID Wristbands

  • Boys Green
  • Boys Orange
  • Boys Purple
  • Boys Yellow
  • Girls Green
  • Girls Orange
  • Girls Purple
  • Girls Yellow
  • Kids Green
  • Kids Orange
  • Kids Purple
  • Kids Yellow
  • Stars Green
  • Stars Orange
  • Stars Purple
  • Stars Yellow

Product Information

Big Kids ID Wristband Features

  • Writeable Wristbands - write the child's name, carer's contact details and any medical conditions E.g. Asthma, Allergies, etc.
  • Tear-Off Tab - which contains an identical number to that on the child's wristband. This verifies the carer & child are together in cases where the child is shy or unable to communicate.
  • Fun Colours & Designs - produced so children feel at ease wearing these cool colours and friendly patterns.
  • Lightweight & Strong - non stretch, tear resistant and tamper evident, they're also waterproof.
  • Economical - we offer these wristband at a lower cost than that offered in retail stores, whilst offering a higher quality.
  • Quality - we are a dedicated ID Solutions provider, you can rest assured that your wristband is of the highest standard.

* Actual colors may vary from the website.

These wristbands are tough, water and tear resistant with an adhesive closure containing a unique cut which will split and detach should someone try and peel back the adhesive area from the wristband.

The child's name and details may be written on the underside of the wristband , including information on any medical condition the child may have Eg. Asthmatic.

The information provided is up to you, with some people opting to have the contact's name & phone number. Our Big Kids ID Wristband are simple to apply and are very effective in reuniting a missing child with their carer.

How many times have you been in a situation where your child has taken off at a shopping centre, show, or even a crowded street? Something gets their attention in a crowded situation and they can be out of sight in a moment. And rather than standing still, they go in search for Mum & Dad, then panic sets in... distressing for both the child and parents.

It was recently reported that at Sydney's Royal Easter Show that over 150 children go missing each day! Some searches take hours to resolve, a situation that may be avoided if the child is wearing a Big Kids ID Wristband with the carer's phone number.

Additionally, we provide a tear off tab for the carer. This has an identical number as the number on the child's wristband. This verifies the carer & child are together in cases where a young child may be shy or unable to communicate.

Our Big Kids ID Wristband are ideal for any crowded situation, school excursions, shopping centres, playgroups, shows, travelling etc.

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