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Product Information

  • Recommended use is 1-2 days
  • The recommended shelf life of Tyvek wristbands is 12 months
  • Each Tyvek wristband is numbered on top of the adhesive for easy visibility.
  • Each packet contains 100 consecutively numbered wristbands.
  • Uses a strong adhesive closure that will adjust to every size wrist.
  • Security die cuts are integrated into the adhesive closure to prevent individuals from detaching and transferring the wristband.
  • Tyvek can be written on.
  • The underneath part of the wristband is solid white, and doesn't reflect what's on the front.
  • Offered in several solid colors accompanied by a variety of prints.
  • All Tyvek wristbands are one time use and disposable.
  • Tyvek wristbands are perfect for any short-term event, including Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Family Functions, School Functions etc.

NOTE: Actual colors may vary from the website.

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Delivery times:

Wristbands are dispatched 3 business days from artwork approval

Pricing (includes GST):

  • 54.45 cents each for 100
  • 37.95 cents each for 200
  • 32.45 cents each for 300
  • 29.7 cents each for 400
  • 28.05 cents each for 500
  • 26.95 cents each for 600
  • 26.16 cents each for 700
  • 25.58 cents each for 800
  • 25.12 cents each for 900
  • 17.6 cents each for 1,000-1,900
  • 16.72 cents each for 2,000-4,900
  • 16.28 cents each for 5,000-9,900

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