Ticketband Wristbands

New Ticketband bar code wristbands are non-transferable "wrist tickets" that are worn by your patrons. They provide the convenience of admission tickets without the risk or hassle of lost, misplaced, or transferred tickets.

Ticketband bar code wristbands feature fully customizable bar codes with numerous options, including code 128, 2D bar codes, repeated bar codes, and stretch bar codes. Available variable data options let you print your ticketing information, such as event logo, name and dates, as well as seating details (section, row, seat number, etc.). Plus, you can also print your custom logo or artwork on the bands for branding and security.

Ticketband™ TTX

1" wide | 1000/box

Ticketband TTX bar code wristband

Ticketband™ Plus TTX

1" wide | 1000/box

TicketBand Plus has all the useful features of TicketBand, PLUS a pull-off tab that can be printed with a matching serial number, logo, variable data, seating info, etc.

Ticketband Plus TTX bar code wristband


Custom Options

  • Custom Printing
  • Serial Numbering
  • Linear & 2D Bar Codes
  • Variable Data Printing

Imprint Colors

  • Black