Access PVC Wristbands

Access vinyl wristbands contain 3 layers of plastic making them a tough and durable wristband. Access are single use and are great for long wear. The outer layers are a soft PVC while the inner layer is a no nonsense non stretch plastic that will not give and enable the wristband to be transferred.

A word of caution with this style, don't leave them lying around in areas where there can be a strong heat build up, such as cars. The inner layer of PVC can become head affected causing a ripple in the plastic and reducing both the look and quality of the wristband. If wristbands are being worn normally, this issue will not be a problem. (If you're concerned we suggest you try our Plastic Tri Laminate Wristbands as they are unaffected by the heat.) Once again these PVC or plastic wristbands can be customised for your requirements.

Single colour imprinting, multi colour, bar coding and custom serial numbering are options available on most of the wristbands.

Don't forget you can get reusable snaps as well, but this like some of the options listed above are not standard and will take us a little longer to deliver.

If you are after colours that jump up, shout and virtually whistle at you, then you should try the following colour wristbands, just look at the names as they say it all, especially combined with your imprint hot pink, wild lemon, tangy tangerine, electric blue, amazing grape, rocket red and lively lime.

Can you hear them say "pick me", "pick me", "pick me"

Access wristbands are offered in four main styles:

BOX 1) Access standard wide face (series 420 style)
BOX 2) Access long VIP
BOX 3) Access narrow (series 430 style)

We hold a wide selection of colours in stock with up to 24 with our access standard PVC wristbands.

Just remember if your colour choice happens to be out of stock, we should be able to obtain it quickly although not all the colours are available in all the series.

Access PVC wristbands are supplied in boxes of 500 and we do split boxes in our standard and long VIP series which can be supplied in minimum lots of 20.

Colors & Design

Access PVC

box qty 500*

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Hover your mouse cursor over the colours for a preview.


  Qty 20 Qty 500 Qty 1000 Qty 2500 More than 2500
Access PVC Wristbands 30c 18c 17.1c 16.6c For larger qty's please contact us

More colours:

  • A14 - white
  • A8 - light pink
  • A5 - lavender
  • A11 - forest green
  • A4 - black
  • A9 - caramel

Bright colours:

  • A15 - loud orange
  • A17 - lollipop pink
  • A18 - loud yellow
  • A19 - loud green
  • A21 - loud blue
  • A23 - loud purple
  • A31 - gold
  • A36 - yellow

Vibrant colours:

  • 27 - hot pink
  • 28 - wild lemon

Example Designs