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Ticket Information

Which ticket?
Tickets seem to come in all shapes & sizes from hard tickets where you actually have a printed ticket & submit that ticket to gain admission to an event or to redeem an entitlement.

There are many different styles & names for tickets & it's easy to get confused with the different terms which may include the following Roll tickets, Redemption tickets, Raffle tickets, Custom roll tickets or redemption tickets, Admission tickets, Stock tickets, Thermal tickets, Fan folded tickets, Point of Sale tickets, Security tickets & Paper tickets to name just a few.

If you require a different ticket style, ask our staff or complete a quote request. Electronic ticketing is becoming very popular, where you print your own ticket at home & bring that along to the event to gain admission.

Often with this type of ticket, the common thread is a barcode, with the barcode being scanned & verified before allowing entry. Wizid has developed our own E-Ticket System which utilises barcode technology & we can virtually custom make solutions designed to capture data for your reports, marketing & sponsorships.

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