1. Step 1: Text
  2. Step 2: Colours
  3. Step 3: Add-Ons
  4. Step 4: Review

Lanyards Custom - 12mm Custom Printed One Colour Screen Printed Lanyard

    1. Add Text

      Enter your text:
      TIP: Delete all the text to leave blank.
      Font Style: Font Size: Font Colour:
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      Enter your desired text, select the text colour and size. You can delete all the text if you wish to use an image only.

    2. Add Clipart or an Image

      » All clipart & images are printed in the same colour as your text colour!
      Select a theme: Image Size:
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      Select a theme, then click on an image to add it to your lanyards.

    3. Select Colour(s)

      Select your required Quantity for one or more colours.


      $1.60 for 0-999
      $1.43 for 1000-2999 10% discount!
      $1.32 for 3000-4999 17% discount!
      $1.27 for 5000-10000 21% discount!
      Free Printing for qty's over 500!
      Note: Allow 3-4 weeks lead time for printing
      Qty Item Price
      Select a Quantity to view pricing.
      Sub Total:
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      + Printing Fee:
    4. Attachments and Add-On(s)

      Hover over an item below to see a preview, click the item to select and add that to your lanyards.

      Attachment Type (required):   Break-Away Clip (Optional):


          Select an Attachment.

        1. Review Your Design


          • Ensure that you have checked your design for spelling and accuracy.
          • You can edit your design BEFORE you checkout, but AFTER you checkout the design is final and cannot be changed.
          • Text and images will be printed in the Text Colour you've chosen.
          • What you see is what you get... the design you have created will be replicated as close as possible for printing. If you are not satisfied with the design on this page, you can "Continue Designing" or Contact our Art Department for a custom solution.

          This represents your final printed design - Final layout, image, spelling, accuracy of content, numbers etc. is/are the sole responsibility of the customer. Once approved Wizid cannot take responsibility for final submission of order.

          By continuing, you accept these Terms.

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