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Customised neck lanyards are the ideal means of displaying identification cards and identification tags for corporate conferences and events. A Wizid lanyard is an invaluable asset, especially for enhancing event security.

Our product quality is second to none with many different styles of lanyards available from soft-braided 12mm flat tubular types to dye-sublimated multi-coloured styles and custom printed lanyards. We can supply a large variety of colours, with your logo printed, on a choice of three widths. For quantities of custom printed lanyards over 100, we can colour match your lanyard to your requirements, with free pantone colour matching. We also specialise in low to medium volumes at a very competitive price.

Our woven polyester and cotton flat tubular lanyards can be custom printed to incorporate your company's name and logo to enhance the overall image and project the ethos of your organisation. Our custom printed lanyards are produced to your requirements incorporating your choice of imprint that gets repeated along the length of the lanyard.

Wizid woven polyester and cotton flat tubular lanyards are made with an excellent weave quality and are hardwearing and perfect for heavy-duty use. We also carry a variety of plain coloured unprinted lanyards of various widths. We stock a variety of colours, and can source any colour you require. Our plain unprinted lanyards are manufactured to the same high standard as our printed woven lanyards.

Wizid lanyards incorporate a swivel clip, alligator clip or a split ring included in the price. A safety break can be added for a small extra charge. We can also supply retractable ski-pass holders.

By definition, a lanyard can be described as a rope or cord worn around the neck to carry an object. In nautical terms, a lanyard is a piece of rigging used aboard a ship used to secure heavy objects. A pistol lanyard is created to secure a pistol grip to a uniform temporarily.

A well-constructed pistol lanyard is a must have in any emergency, for it prevents the pistol from falling.

Presently and most commonly, the lanyard is used to hold and display identification cards for businesses, schools, special events, and other circumstances in which a name badge or ID card is required. A lanyard can be comfortably used to carry small pieces such as keys and key chains, cell phones and cell phone holders, eyeglasses and sports wear. Vinyl key ring lanyards are used to tote all varieties of keys. Wrist and wristband lanyards have also become a hit. The lanyard has also started to arise on certain electronics devices. Several notable MP3 players and digital cameras include lanyards, which supply convenience and portability.

The lanyard is a popular choice because it easily and securely displays photo identification cards. Lanyards are customarily suspended from the neck, and make the hassles of holding onto an ID card a thing of the past. Numerous schools, college and university students, government offices and factories are required to wear safety lanyards. Lanyards are ideal for the typical security access systems, and make the usual daily struggle of logging in and out effortless. With the design and strength of the lanyard, it is almost impossible to lose your ID card. The neck lanyard is the most commonly worn and easiest to wear. Many factories manufacture custom lanyards equipped with safety breakaways, which can be worn on the wrist, arm, waist or neck for protection. Lanyards are now offered with a large selection of clasps and attachments, for both safety and convenience. Clasps are available in velcro breakaway, breakaway snap, bulldog clip, swivel hook, rubber ring, and mylar strap just to name a few.

A typical lanyard can be made in a wide variety of designs and materials, ranging from simple and tame, to outrageous, bold and beaded. Canvas and cloth lanyards remain the popular selection, with plastic and vinyl following close behind. The personalized lanyard has become a favourite way to spread a special message to the masses. This unique message can be a company logo, school mascot, web site address, promotional advertisement, or special event. Personalised lanyards are available with selected colours, logos, hardware attachments, and size of straps. A wide choice of lanyard webbing pantone-matching colours (PMS) including classic black, red, blue, and yellow are available from Wizid, as well as specialty colours. As the desire and need for lanyards grow, so will the colour and design availability.

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