Wristbands for Schools & Swimming

Did you know…
Wristbands are a requirement in water safety guidelines for unstructured aquatic activity used in NSW schools.

Students must complete a water safety challenge, and if they’re assessed as proficient they’re issued with a Blue tyvek wristband & allowed to participate in unstructured water activity. Students assessed as non proficient are issued with Yellow wristbands & are only allowed to participate in shallow water activities.



The water survival challenge is designed for student safety & any school child in the water without a wristband can be removed from the water.

In summary a BLUE wristband identifies a proficient swimmer & a YELLOW wristband is for a non proficient swimmer.

Wizid stocks both Blue & Yellow wristbands which may be customized to include the School name, logo or message or even that of a sponsor.

Please contact us for your wristband requirements & learn how wristbands can become a great profit centre for your school.

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