Wristbands For Profit

When putting on an event, wristbands are commonly used to provide identification of who has paid & entitled to entry or other services.

Have you thought about reducing costs by getting a third party to pay for the wristbands?

The Sponsors name & logo on the wristbands has a value to them, as it gets their name on the wrist of every patron who attends your event.

Rather than wristbands being a cost to you, if you engage a sponsor for the bands, charge them for the privilege.

If you have more than one sponsor, costs can be shared or you could even introduce the tab end of the wristband as premium real estate & charge them a little more.

Simply break down the total cost of the wristbands so it would so many cents per band & then try & determine what it would be worth to your sponsor & then charge them that.

This way, not only would the wristbands be paid for by someone else, you have the opportunity to make a profit on an item that in the past may have been treated as a cost.

The wristbands are then free to you & you make money!

Sponsors can also link your event wristbands to a promotion they are running & your patrons will also benefit by taking advantage of the promotion.

With the right data supplied wristbands can be custom printed in full colour & include variable data, barcodes, patron photos and sponsors promotional details.

Now your custom printed wristbands have value to your sponsor & the opportunity for you to turn a little more profit.

Please contact Wizid to discuss your options.

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