UV Imprints on Wristbands

Wristbands with a UV imprint will add an extra layer of security at your next event.

Our Brand Band wristbands may be custom printed with a UV imprint which could fully cover the wristband.

Its up to you, UV imprints can act as a counterfeit catcher as only s UV imprint would show up under a black light. Two identical looking wristbands, one with your authentic UV imprint & one without are easily identified with the simple use of a black light. Security staff will enjoy the ease in which they can determine who has the right to be at your event.

Wizid Brand Band wristbands not only deliver your logo and message in your custom design in full colour. They allow for specialist individual data such as names, photos, barcodes, seating to match your event requirements.

Now add the WOW factor with your brand or message encased in UV imprint that leaps from the wristband. Strobe and ultra-violet lighting will give your brand an impressive lift, allowing your brand and message to show and stand out where standard wristbands with normal print are unable to offer this additional boost for your brand.

Dark rooms or environments are now the play ground for a Brand Band wristband with a UV imprint. Use Brand Bands to enhance your security, & your brand & create a custom solution unique to your event.

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