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Personal ID

Personal ID is carried by most people but it often doesn’t tell the full story.

If you have a medical condition, have an accident or unexpected incident does your personal ID give enough information to assist you in the event of a medical emergency where you may be unconscious E.g. after a fall?

Everyone, at some stage will say to themselves "I need ID" on me. Sport is an example where the unexpected can happen & it may prove very useful to carry personal ID.

If you are a cyclist or runner, ID while on the road should be considered as part of your kit. Identification bracelets, Shoe ID & Helmet ID are simple effective tools to safeguard your personal ID in case of an accident.


Insert cards are used to write personal details, about you, next of kin, medical allergies, medications or medical conditions. This emergency ID is immediately available to anyone rendering assistance. A simple ID bracelet just may save your life. Everyday in the media we hear of unfortunate accidents to people involved in sporting pursuits.

If those people were carrying Personal ID, that information may have been crucial in the treatment of the accident victim & to notify immediate family of a medical emergency. Our Personal wristband, helmet & shoe ID, will not interfere with your performance, but they will help give you & your family peace of mind. Buy your Personal ID online now

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Sports Safety – Sport ID

Introducing "Sport ID", a range of Emergency ID products for sports enthusiasts, athletes and weekend warriors. Buy Online or Call for a Quote at Wizid Australia.

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