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Cause Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands have now been around for almost 10 years.

In that time millions have been sold & they all have two things in common, obviously they are made of silicone & the other is they display a message.

This advertising on silicone bands remains just as relevant today as when they first hit the market.

Silicone wristbands remain a cheap, effective way to promote your cause.

All silicone wristbands are long wearing & will display your message for months, providing your cause with tens of thousands of interactions with others.

Just one wearer, with one silicone bracelet would allow hundreds of other people the chance to see your Cause every month.

Example that one person meeting say 10 people a day amounts to approximately 300 contacts a month, buy 500 silicone bands & those contacts can escalate to

150,000 contacts each month. How many people do you see each day? Do the sums & it’s likely the numbers will be much higher than those shown here.

What a great way to promote your cause by getting your message to thousands of patrons each day.

Fundraising with silicon wristbands is a simple, low cost method of creating interest in your cause & possibly the best way to keep your message in the community.

Think of silicone wristbands as your mobile billboard.

A wide variety of options are on offer at Wizid

Please contact us to determine which Silicone wristband is best suited to your requirements.

Delivery after artwork approval is approximately 2 – 3 weeks.

Free Wristbands

If you’re an event organiser putting on an event where wristbands will be used as your entry ticket or proof of payment, you can help defray your costs by finding a sponsor for your wristband.

Perhaps the sponsors logo could be combined with your wristb

and message, so that each party can be obtain benefits from the sponsorship deal. The sponsor may obtain increased brand awareness when the wristband is printed with his logo or special offer as a means to increase his sales & the event organiser charges the cost of the wristbands to the sponsor & may even treat the deal as a premium & make money by the sponsors advertising, thereby changing the wristband from a cost centre to a profit centre. It’s a great way to get your wristbands for free & perhaps make money if you find the right sponsor.

Unique Charity

At Wizid, we regularly receive requests from charities and event organisers asking for donations of wristbands, tickets and other access and identification products Wizid provide that will help them defray their event costs.

And while Wizid supports a large number of charities and events each year, our main charity is  “Unique” – A wonderful charity that provides much needed supports to children born with rare chromosomal disorders.

In fact Wizid are so committed to “Unique” that a donation is made for every purchase made and invoice raised resulting in substantial support for children born with rare chromosomal disorders each year.

Wizid also produced and donated silicon wristbands for Unique to use to raise awareness of this condition and fundraise. The Wizid team recently attended a fundraiser in honour of little Eva Pym, a wonderful strong little girl who is suffering from this rare chromosomal disorder.

To see photos from the recent fundraiser you can visit Eva’s Facebook event page. The team at Wizid would like to encourage you to show your support by liking Eva’s Facebook page.