Cause Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands have now been around for almost 10 years.

In that time millions have been sold & they all have two things in common, obviously they are made of silicone & the other is they display a message.

This advertising on silicone bands remains just as relevant today as when they first hit the market.

Silicone wristbands remain a cheap, effective way to promote your cause.

All silicone wristbands are long wearing & will display your message for months, providing your cause with tens of thousands of interactions with others.

Just one wearer, with one silicone bracelet would allow hundreds of other people the chance to see your Cause every month.

Example that one person meeting say 10 people a day amounts to approximately 300 contacts a month, buy 500 silicone bands & those contacts can escalate to

150,000 contacts each month. How many people do you see each day? Do the sums & it’s likely the numbers will be much higher than those shown here.

What a great way to promote your cause by getting your message to thousands of patrons each day.

Fundraising with silicon wristbands is a simple, low cost method of creating interest in your cause & possibly the best way to keep your message in the community.

Think of silicone wristbands as your mobile billboard.

A wide variety of options are on offer at Wizid

Please contact us to determine which Silicone wristband is best suited to your requirements.

Delivery after artwork approval is approximately 2 – 3 weeks.

Plastic Card Holders & Ticket Wallets

If you need plastic card holders or ticket wallets in a hurry for your next meeting or conference Wizid can assist.

In most cases you will have delivery next working day throughout Australia.

In partnership with Toll Express, satchels containing up to 5kg of plastic card holders are delivered to your door whether you’re in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Mt Isa.

If the weight is greater than 5kg, well that simply means more satchels but you still get fast delivery of your plastic ticket holders.

Plastic card holders are available in multiple sizes, with common sizes listed on our web page

If you require your card holders urgently, whether to top up existing supplies or if it’s just one of those last minute things, we can also help out with plain unprinted lanyards.

Our stock lanyards have either a standard swivel clip or an alligator clip depending on your requirements.

Lanyard colours available include Navy, Green, Royal Blue, Yellow, Red & Black.

Rigid card holders & retractable badge reels are in stock & complement the lanyards & plastic card holders.

So if you need plastic card holders, we can also supply the lanyards the card holders require to display your credentials.

Additionally, given a longer lead time we can custom print your lanyards & supply other conference requirements.

Need your plastic card holders & ticket wallets now. Think Wizid.

Please call us for same day despatch.

Fast Custom Print Wristbands

At Wizid we are constantly asked for wristbands to be printed immediately for delivery next day. Due to production methods & different types of imprinting on our plastic wristbands and silicone wristbands that is almost impossible. However when wristbands are required urgently and a fast print is required, our tyvek wristbands offer the greatest versatility and opportunity to get you your wristbands next day.

Once artwork has been approved by 2pm it is likely we can imprint & despatch your wristbands that same day for overnight delivery and at times your late order can be printed after that time and make our couriers. We will make every effort to ensure you receive your tyvek wristbands the next day anywhere in Australia. Please consult with our staff to assist in co ordinating your wristband order & avoid any potential delivery problems.

Our quick print tyvek wristbands are printed in black with more than a dozen vibrant wristband colours offered to help your message stand out on your tyvek wristband.

Tyvek wristbands are available in two different widths of 19mm and 25mm. Your wristband order is made even easier with a Minimum quantity of 100 tyvek wristbands in a pack.

All our express printed tyvek wristbands may be ordered in multiples of 100 and you are able to mix the colours at no extra cost.

Eg : If you require 500 X 19mm tyvek wristbands, you may order 500 of one colour say Blue or a mix of colours say 100 X Blue and 400 X Red tyvek wristbands or 100 tyvek wristbands in 5 different colours.

Just remember it is a 100 minimum in each colour.

Design Wristbands OnlineAnother option could be to overprint some of our patterned tyvek wristbands with your message or logo to make the wristbands unique to your event & difficult to copy.

Age Verified WristbandsVIP WristbandsA further consideration is to get our pre-printed wristbands which may suit your requirements these include our VIP wristbands and Age Verified wristbands.

If you have suggestions for other custom pre-printed wristbands, please contact us with your ideas.