Image Hi-res No Litter Wristbands

Eco-friendly event wristbands are here.

Many events use Tyvek wristbands as their means of identification for entry or entitlements.

Large events where wristbands are applied at the gate often have problems with the little pull off tabs which cover the adhesive area.

If there is no bin close by, the peel off tabs may be dropped on the ground, wind may come into play resulting in a wide dispersement of the tabs and subsequent clean up issues, thereby adding cost for the event organiser.

Wizid has an alternate wristband with a tab that remains attached to the wristband thereby eliminating the tab cover seal ending up as litter.

Unlike standard Tyvek wristbands with a pull tab tag about 3cm from the top which is peeled upwards, Wizid’s new Image Hi-Res wristbands have a little flap at the top of the wristband which is peeled downwards revealing the adhesive area, but the cover seal remains firmly attached to the wristband.

Image Hi-Res wristbands are non-Tyvek, made from a strong, ultra soft lightweight material which is comfortable, durable, waterproof, tear and tamper resistant.

High photo quality images may be custom printed in full colour combined with barcodes & other variable data.

High quality graphics promote your brand or event providing a platform where each wristband may contain unique identifiers for each patron.

Names, dates, times may be achieved. It all depends on the data supplied by you.

Image Hi-Res wristbands are 25mm wide in sheets of 10, with 1000 wristbands per box.

Please contact Wizid staff for a quotation.

ID Holder + Lanyard +Wristband + Name Badge

Putting on a staff meeting, small conference or simply require ID around the office?

Let Wizid be your one stop ID shop.

Custom printing is available for Lanyards, Wristbands, Cards, Credentials & Name Badges.

Corporate ID is easy & you can create your own mix and match ID system.

If you just need lanyards & plastic card holders, custom printed or plain that’s fine.

Simply advise us of your ID needs & we will put together a Quotation suitable for your circumstances.

Badge reels & rigid card holders are also offered and short runs are available.

Wristbands, Name Badges & Cards are printed in house & large quantities of Plastic ID holders & plain lanyards are standard stock items.

Whatever your ID needs Wizid can supply a  solution.

Barcodes, variable data plus photo quality images are offered on wristbands & most of the cards & credentials.

Since barcodes require a scanning solution, we have that capacity as well, with barcode scanners available for rent if you are holding a larger event.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements & let us help you put your ID solution package together.

Cause Silicone Wristbands

Silicone wristbands have now been around for almost 10 years.

In that time millions have been sold & they all have two things in common, obviously they are made of silicone & the other is they display a message.

This advertising on silicone bands remains just as relevant today as when they first hit the market.

Silicone wristbands remain a cheap, effective way to promote your cause.

All silicone wristbands are long wearing & will display your message for months, providing your cause with tens of thousands of interactions with others.

Just one wearer, with one silicone bracelet would allow hundreds of other people the chance to see your Cause every month.

Example that one person meeting say 10 people a day amounts to approximately 300 contacts a month, buy 500 silicone bands & those contacts can escalate to

150,000 contacts each month. How many people do you see each day? Do the sums & it’s likely the numbers will be much higher than those shown here.

What a great way to promote your cause by getting your message to thousands of patrons each day.

Fundraising with silicon wristbands is a simple, low cost method of creating interest in your cause & possibly the best way to keep your message in the community.

Think of silicone wristbands as your mobile billboard.

A wide variety of options are on offer at Wizid

Please contact us to determine which Silicone wristband is best suited to your requirements.

Delivery after artwork approval is approximately 2 – 3 weeks.