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We began as a home business in 1997 initially supplying wristbands to the event industry Australia wide.

Since those humble beginnings, we have broadened our product base now offering lanyards, plastic cards, credentials, tickets & access solutions, operating from our office & warehouse complex in Tuggerah Business Park on the Central Coast.

We have supplied ID solutions literally from Christmas Island to Norfolk Island with customers ranging from Hells Angels to Hillsong. Events covered have been diverse including the Sydney Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games down to the local school fete.

Wristbands, Credentials, Lanyards, Plastic Cards & ticketing have been regular parts of our ID solution with hundreds of variations offered. We have been at the forefront with wristband innovations, introducing Australian made Image & Digital wristbands offering full colour high quality graphics & combining those photo quality images with variable information including bar codes, names & dates.

Each subsequent wristband can be produced with different information to those on either side. Wizid will continue to be innovative & with our partners we will release a new range of technological innovations designed to improve identification, access & security.

Wizid Head Office

Wizid Head Office



“Patricia, Brittany (and others), Confirming that the jelly beans arrived this morning with wristbands included. Thank you for your continuing support.”
Rob Taggart - Rotary Charity Regatta
“Hi Jenny, The wristbands arrived safely and are perfect thank you for your great customer service. Have a lovely weekend”
Cheryl Bosler - Place Manager Cabramatta/Canley Vale/Canley Heights - Fairfield City Council
“My order arrived overnight and I just wanted to pass on that I am very happy with the product and great service.”
Brian -
“Just a comment... I got one of these a looooong time ago for myself from you guys. My oldest son has just started riding a motorcycle and my younger one who has some medical complications has got interested in riding his bike with me, and I just got a new bicycle helmet. Hence the order for three. I know that these things can be trusted to last having riddne my bike to work every day for years, come rain hail or shine. Thank you for prodiving such a great high-quality product.”
John Phillips - Ashwood VIC

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